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My name is Gosia Pawlak.
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Poetry in between translation

It is a series of interactive documents enabling to simultaneously read multiple translations in order to overcome the subjectivity of a single translation. It brings to light the subtle, yet meaningful differences between how thoughts and experiences expressed in a poem are rendered into another language through the translators understanding. All translations strive to convey the same message and reading them simultaneously can enrich our understanding of the original idea. Just like hearing a story from a few different people. The meaning of every text comes to life in the process of reading. The exact interpretation of a given text can differ from one person to another, which is clearly visible when comparing two or more translations of the same text. One could even go as far as Robert Frost, saying that “Poetry is what gets lost in translation”. I chose poetry as my material, because it is often said to be “untranslatable” due to this subjectivity of interpretation. I worked on creating a simple method of comparing multiple translations of poems. In the end, it took a form of an app.

  • Design Academy Eindhoven
  • 2013

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