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My name is Gosia Pawlak.
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Internet is like...

This project plays with popular metaphors used to talk about digital technologies and the internet. It visualizes the connotations and feelings they can evoke, thus shaping what me think about modern technology. As we are experiencing the crucial moment when technology merges with every aspect of our lives, we try to conceptualize possible implications and express our opinions on this unprecedented shift. Unarguably, for a sensible discussion to take place, there should be a good understanding of the discussed matter. However, it seems that hardly anyone of the current digital society can fully comprehend the concepts of advanced technology. These technologies were introduced in a very short period of time, which did not allow for their organic adoption into the common knowledge or vocabulary. Instead, we make do with comparisons and metaphors. The language we use to talk about something can heavily influence how we feel about the topic. In “Internet is like…” I played with possible connotations those metaphors can bring to mind and how this could influence the opinions we form on technology. I researched and analyzed the way people explain the mechanisms of the internet to each other or to themselves. It led me to a list of metaphors most often used to talk about technology and internet in particular. I cataloged and visualized them on this website in a form of flash animations, using gif images I created based on what I found online.

  • Design Academy Eindhoven
  • 2013

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